Using a 3rd Party FTP Program

If you are uploading images to Pictage via a 3rd Party FTP Client (i.e. Cyberduck, Fetch, Filezilla, etc) follow these simple steps to successfully submit your images

Preparing Your Files for 3rd Party FTP Submission

To Categorize and Sequence your event before uploading, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Create the event on the Pictage website and note the event ID.

Step 2: Place images into separate folders and label them as #_category name (i.e., 01_Preparation, 02_Ceremony, 03_Reception).

Step 3: Next, place all category sub-folders into a single folder labeled as the Event ID number (i.e., 123456). This is the folder you will upload to Pictage.

Note: If you do not want to categorize your event simply place your images into a folder labeled as the Event ID.


Most 3rd Party FTP Clients function very similarly and can be used to submit images to events on Pictage. The instructions below are specifically for Cyberduck however other 3rd Party FTP Clients will work just as well. These are just a few alternatives:

Step 1: Download Cyberduck
  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Find the appropriate version for your operating system and click the Download button.

Step 2: Once Downloaded, open Cyberduck. The shortcut to Cyberduck looks like a rubber duck.
Step 3: In order to set up the connection to Pictage’s server, click on the Open Connection button.

Step 4: Fill out the following three fields and click Connect
  • Host:
  • Username: Input your Pictage ftp username (for example, pp025)
  • Password: Input your Pictage ftp password

Step 5: Once connected, you will see two folders in Cyberduck: FTPImages and Incoming. The Incoming folder is where you will drop your event folder which will begin transmitting your files to Pictage’s server. The Incoming folder does not need to be open in order to transfer the event folder.

Note: Your files need to be organized a specific way prior to uploading. Please review the Preparing Your Files for 3rd Party FTP Submission section listed above.

Step 6: A status bar will give you the status of your upload. Once all of your images have finished uploading, you will need to process your upload by completing an event submission form online.

Processing Your Upload

Step 1: On the Pictage website (in the upper left), click the Upload Images To Event button. Then scroll down to the 3rd Party FTP Software section and click the Process My Upload button.

Step 2: Choose the correct event.
Step 3: Verify the number of images uploaded, and choose your Image Treatment, Categorization, and Sequencing options.
Step 4: Verify the information on the submission form and click the Process My Upload button.

Step 5: Your images will post online within 24 hours of submitting the upload.