Pictage acquires ShootQ - FAQs

July 7, 2010

On July 7, 2010, Pictage announced the acquisition of the ShootQ business.

Strategy and business integration

What does ShootQ do?

ShootQ is the leader in studio management for professional photographers. ShootQ's web-based software is the leading solution to manage pre-shoot workflow. It includes a comprehensive suite of tools for prospect marketing, lead management, and contract and client management.

Why did Pictage acquire ShootQ?

Pictage's mission is to empower photographers and enable their success with tools and services to manage their workflow, promote their brand, connect with community, and sell their work. By combining our platform for marketing, selling, and fulfilling professional photo products with ShootQ's studio management solution, Pictage will be well positioned to deliver a complete, end-to-end solution that can revolutionize how professional photographers manage and grow their business.

Together, Pictage and ShootQ are creating significant customer value by offering a one-stop-shop for professional photographers to build their business, from lead management through product fulfillment. This acquisition:

How will customers benefit from the acquisition?

As professional photographers find themselves in a more competitive marketplace, they need to manage many complex, interrelated tasks to successfully build their business. The four business-critical areas where photographers need support are managing workflow, promoting their brand, selling their work, and connecting with a community of experts. While there are a number of companies that will help with one or two of these needs, Pictage combined with ShootQ will be the only company with comprehensive support in all four areas.

How will ShootQ be integrated into Pictage?

ShootQ will continue to operate in a highly autonomous fashion. One of the reasons we decided to do this transaction was ShootQ's ability to rapidly develop and release relevant new features. By becoming a part of the Pictage family, ShootQ is simply fortified with new resources so they can move faster than ever.

Pictage and ShootQ have together developed a plan to integrate the two environments, starting with synchronizing event and catalog information and enabling ShootQ users to select Pictage Payment Processing (P3) as a payment method. These enhancements will be launched in the fall.

Product integration

Are there plans to discontinue any ShootQ products?

There are no plans to discontinue support or development of any of ShootQ's current products. To the contrary, ShootQ will have access to greater resources to enhance the functionality of existing products, as well as develop and acquire new technologies.

What are the key strategic integration points between Pictage and ShootQ?

With the acquisition closed, Pictage will begin working on product integrations to deliver a complete, unmatched solution set for professional photographers. These include:

ShootQ operations

Who will lead the new ShootQ business for Pictage?

Andrew Niesen, ShootQ's former CEO, has joined Pictage as president and general manager of ShootQ, reporting to Pictage's CEO, Jim Collins.

What will happen to the ShootQ brand?

The ShootQ product will continue to be referred to as ShootQ.

Are other former ShootQ executives joining Pictage?

Yes. Members of the ShootQ executive team joining Pictage include:

Will Pictage be keeping all ShootQ employees?

Pictage values the ShootQ team and culture, therefore all employees of ShootQ have been retained by Pictage. The ShootQ team will be strengthened with additional resources going forward.

Will ShootQ's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia remain in operation?

Yes. ShootQ will be based out of the same Atlanta facility that the company now occupies.

Customer support

Will existing ShootQ client support agreements continue to be honored?

Pictage will fully honor the terms and conditions of existing ShootQ contracts for all current clients. At this time, there is no change in ShootQ's support policy or agreed-upon service levels to clients as a result of this transaction. In fact, both technical support and customer service will likely be strengthened for ShootQ clients using the Pictage customer care team.

How will clients know if there is a change to their support team?

Currently, we don't anticipate significant changes. Pictage's management team is experienced in mergers and acquisitions and is aware that the most important thing for all existing clients is their continued support relationships. If anything, with new resources available, these relationships should improve and flourish.

Whom should ShootQ clients contact for product support?

Clients of ShootQ should continue to contact ShootQ support via phone (888-974-6687) or online at http://help.shootq.com/home.

For more information, see the press release:

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